Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Hi Foodies, Yesterday I showed how fantastic Ferguson Australia's iconic world acclaimed South Australian Southern Rock Lobster is. I left with an image for this post. So let me show you today how versatile their lobster is. I am conscious of food wastage so from the left over of the lobster sashimi, I decided to … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki


Sushi – Uramaki and Gunkanmaki

Sushi is probably the most widely recognised national food of Japan and it was said to be one of the healthiest food in the world. Originated in Southeast Asia, sushi was spread to southern China before settled down in Japan. Until about 400 years ago, the sushi cuisine disappeared totally in Chinese cuisine and cooking … Continue reading Sushi – Uramaki and Gunkanmaki

A recent Japanese dinner

Just noticed that I haven't had Japanese food for a while. It's like the caffeine for me now and if I haven't had any in a couple of months, I feel dis-comfortable. LOL. Last Saturday, the weather was fine, the sun was out and I desperately wanted some Japanese food. Fortunately, my wife is a … Continue reading A recent Japanese dinner

My birthday dinner – Japanese

My birthday! Yay, not really that excited cos I am now an old foodie fellow :(. I am not looking forward to my next birthday. However, when it comes to food for my birthday, I am more than happy that my birthday is coming one after another :D. My regular readers know that I crave … Continue reading My birthday dinner – Japanese