Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Hi Foodies, Yesterday I showed how fantastic Ferguson Australia's iconic world acclaimed South Australian Southern Rock Lobster is. I left with an image for this post. So let me show you today how versatile their lobster is. I am conscious of food wastage so from the left over of the lobster sashimi, I decided to … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

You know I love sushi, right?! November last year, Tina and I did a mighty two weeks Japan and experienced fantasy of food. Japanese cuisine is quite clean and refreshing while one can definitely enjoy the original flavour of many ingredients. When being there, you can literally try any restaurant coming into your view - … Continue reading Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

Sushi Planet, Adelaide

Happy New Year, foodies!   I hope everyone had a great break during the festive season. Well, I did and had plenty of food to enjoy. 🙂 Japanese food and sushi are also on my table and list to try. There was a new sushi eatery opened its door in Adelaide last week.   Sushi … Continue reading Sushi Planet, Adelaide

Sushi – Uramaki and Gunkanmaki

Sushi is probably the most widely recognised national food of Japan and it was said to be one of the healthiest food in the world. Originated in Southeast Asia, sushi was spread to southern China before settled down in Japan. Until about 400 years ago, the sushi cuisine disappeared totally in Chinese cuisine and cooking … Continue reading Sushi – Uramaki and Gunkanmaki