[Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

Hi foodies, The Canberra weather is getting crazy with rain started from Friday all the way to the upcoming Friday 😓. In cold days like these ones, what dishes are on your plate as a comfort food? For me, it is softshell crab. Soft-shell crabs are those that have just molted their old exoskeleton and … Continue reading [Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

The dinning atmosphere in Glenelg, especially around moseley square, has been dramatically developed over the past several years. In 2014, after a multi-million-dollars-redevelopment, the Moseley Bar and Kitchen opened its door to the public. The old dublin hotel has become a part of history but the new moseley bar and kitchen has shown strong activity since … Continue reading The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide

It's really a windy winter Sunday and my wife and I needed something to warm up. Alfonso's continental came to our sights. The iconic building located on Hutt street is very close to home and could be a good option for a lazy Sunday lunch. We first came across the place around 6 years ago … Continue reading Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide

Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

What did you do in May on Mother's Day? I guess most of us have taken our mother to lunch or prepared a special lunch for her. In human society, mothers have been the people that we are closest to for centuries. They care for us and would do everything for their kids. Think about … Continue reading Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

Polacco Family Trust – Purple sea urchins

Hi, guys! About 8 months ago, I blogged about the purple scallop bought from Polacco Family Trust stall at Royal Adelaide Showground Farmer's market.  However, at that time, I missed the sea urchin season. Last Sunday, while they are in season, I deliberately woke up very early and headed down to the market to get … Continue reading Polacco Family Trust – Purple sea urchins