Bar Rochford, Canberra

Hi foodies, I had a much needed and relaxed break in the last two weeks. It is a good time for self-reflection as well and reinvigorated my curiosity towards food. Good food does not all have to be fine dining. They can be in the bars, on the street and anywhere that gives the memorable … Continue reading Bar Rochford, Canberra


The Meat & Wine Co, Canberra

Hi foodies, The Meat & Wine Co has opened its door in Canberra in April 2021. The multi-chained steakhouse, being famous in their dry-aged steaks, offers a different experience to many counterparts in the country. Tina and I recently attended the venue for her birthday and enjoyed the warm hospitality. Located in the recently constructed Constitution … Continue reading The Meat & Wine Co, Canberra

Polacco Family – Purple Scallops

I am finally back to Adelaide!! Let's continue with my previous post. Remember I said I was going there for sea urchins? I was going to the Polacco Family Trust stall. The stall owner is Paul Polacco, who has been diving for sea urchins as well as scallops for over 2 years near Kangaroo Island. … Continue reading Polacco Family – Purple Scallops