Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

I normally tend not to write anything political or historical. What can food relate back to history? That's true, unless if something has a long history of evolution. Many people thought I am a food reviewer. Partially correct, I used to be a wine chemist so sensory analysis was a part of my everyday job. … Continue reading Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

You know I love sushi, right?! November last year, Tina and I did a mighty two weeks Japan and experienced fantasy of food. Japanese cuisine is quite clean and refreshing while one can definitely enjoy the original flavour of many ingredients. When being there, you can literally try any restaurant coming into your view - … Continue reading Inari – simple and delicious sushi!