World Aquaculture Conference (3): Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island (KI), the third largest island in Australia, has gained success in the aquaculture industry. Lying 112 km south-west to Adelaide, KI was often classified as a popular tourist destination. Prior to 2008, not many people has heard of aquaculture seafood from KI but more media and social media coverage were seen about the seafood produced … Continue reading World Aquaculture Conference (3): Kangaroo Island

Polacco Family Trust – Purple sea urchins

Hi, guys! About 8 months ago, I blogged about the purple scallop bought from Polacco Family Trust stall at Royal Adelaide Showground Farmer's market.  However, at that time, I missed the sea urchin season. Last Sunday, while they are in season, I deliberately woke up very early and headed down to the market to get … Continue reading Polacco Family Trust – Purple sea urchins