Mr Miyagi @ Canberra Times Night Noodle Market 2022 – Series Part 1

Hey Foodies, The Canberra Times Night Noodle Market is back in 2022, after pausing for a year due to COVID, in its new home at Parkes Place West Lawns directly in front of the Old Parliament House. This year the market runs for 2 weeks from 25 February to 06 March from 5 pm everyday … Continue reading Mr Miyagi @ Canberra Times Night Noodle Market 2022 – Series Part 1


Tokyo Canteen, Kingston

Hi Foodies, If you are in Canberra, let me ask you this question. What is the newest addition to the Kingston cafe dining scene? I recently discovered this Japanese venue that opened just two weeks ago and I can tell ya it's very popular. It is Tokyo Canteen. Tokyo Canteen is a new Japanese establishment … Continue reading Tokyo Canteen, Kingston

Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Hi Foodies, Yesterday I showed how fantastic Ferguson Australia's iconic world acclaimed South Australian Southern Rock Lobster is. I left with an image for this post. So let me show you today how versatile their lobster is. I am conscious of food wastage so from the left over of the lobster sashimi, I decided to … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

I normally tend not to write anything political or historical. What can food relate back to history? That's true, unless if something has a long history of evolution. Many people thought I am a food reviewer. Partially correct, I used to be a wine chemist so sensory analysis was a part of my everyday job. … Continue reading Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

You know I love sushi, right?! November last year, Tina and I did a mighty two weeks Japan and experienced fantasy of food. Japanese cuisine is quite clean and refreshing while one can definitely enjoy the original flavour of many ingredients. When being there, you can literally try any restaurant coming into your view - … Continue reading Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

[Murray Valley Pork] Okonomiyaki? No, I say Porkonomiyaki~

Japanese food is one of my most loved cuisine so far - the simplicity and flavour always takes people to a great culinary experience. Okonomiyaki is a typical Japanese dish originated in Osaka, popular in many places around the world. Normally the dish is cooked with cabbage in flour with the addition of seafood or … Continue reading [Murray Valley Pork] Okonomiyaki? No, I say Porkonomiyaki~

Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

What a exciting news and exciting moment! The first ever Night Noodle Market has launched in Adelaide today. The festival has previously been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and has been serving the east coast since 1998. In corporation with OzAsia Festival this year, the Australian's favourite night market will run in the … Continue reading Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

Black Angus wrapped shimeji mushroom

It must have been a long time that I have not published any recipes. For this recipe, I got the idea from a Japanese dish - beef wrapped enoki mushrooms. I made that dish a couple of times before and was never unsuccessful. Shimeji mushrooms are mainly and typically used for soups and Asian noodle … Continue reading Black Angus wrapped shimeji mushroom