Cafe Salsa, West Beach

Hi Foodies, If you ever lived in the West Beach precinct, you must have remembered Cafe Salsa, a cafe with lots of South American features but specialising in Italian food. The long 30 years running business have certainly left something in our generation. I lived in West Beach some 15 years ago directly opposite the … Continue reading Cafe Salsa, West Beach

{Guest Blog} Spaghetti Bolognese

Exciting news! We have another guest blog. My friend, Tanya Bartolini, from The Everyday Cook Network, decided to contribute to as an guest blogger on occasional bases. Through her contributions, we aim to share with people some of Tanya's top secret in cooking Italian cuisines and hopefully we can inspire more people to cook … Continue reading {Guest Blog} Spaghetti Bolognese

Auge Ristorant & Spuntini Bar

Adelaide is a good place to showcase our multiculturalism, especially with so many different cuisines. My regular readers probably know that I love Japanese food, but I like European food as well, especially Italian cuisine. In Adelaide, there are plenty good Italian restaurant but no one has received so many awards and reputations as Auge … Continue reading Auge Ristorant & Spuntini Bar

Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide

It's really a windy winter Sunday and my wife and I needed something to warm up. Alfonso's continental came to our sights. The iconic building located on Hutt street is very close to home and could be a good option for a lazy Sunday lunch. We first came across the place around 6 years ago … Continue reading Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide