Festival of Food 2018 – River Cafe

Hi foodies, How did your winter go so far? My one started off great but after catching virus and being sick, I was inundated with all things occurred in the past several weeks. Never mind, things will get better. To overcome the winter 'fever', Tina and I headed down to one of the iconic cafe … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – River Cafe


Cafe Salsa, West Beach

Hi Foodies, If you ever lived in the West Beach precinct, you must have remembered Cafe Salsa, a cafe with lots of South American features but specialising in Italian food. The long 30 years running business have certainly left something in our generation. I lived in West Beach some 15 years ago directly opposite the … Continue reading Cafe Salsa, West Beach

Auge Ristorant & Spuntini Bar

Adelaide is a good place to showcase our multiculturalism, especially with so many different cuisines. My regular readers probably know that I love Japanese food, but I like European food as well, especially Italian cuisine. In Adelaide, there are plenty good Italian restaurant but no one has received so many awards and reputations as Auge … Continue reading Auge Ristorant & Spuntini Bar

32 Via dei birrai @ Pizza e Mozzarella Bar

I am sure when people read this post and look at the title, they will go "what are you talking about"? Nah, I am not talking English :P. In fact, 32 Via dei birrai  is a Italian microbrewery beer brand that produces artisan beers. The company is expanding vastly in the western world and in Asian … Continue reading 32 Via dei birrai @ Pizza e Mozzarella Bar