Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

Let's continue my story and bizarre day at Glenelg. Despite the fact that we had such bad food and services from the Dublin Hotel and Yum Sing Express,  I did enjoy my old fav charcoal yiros. I discovered this place since they opened their doors many years ago. It has then become my quick lunch spot every … Continue reading Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

Grilled crusted Australian Garfish with pan fried Haloumi

In yesterdays post, we talked about fish and chips using Aussie garfish, but Jessica Huff criticised in the comment that fried fish is not healthy for human consumption. That's quite true but I actually did the fish two ways. LOL 😛  Another good trial to cook the fish was to get them grilled. This  dish … Continue reading Grilled crusted Australian Garfish with pan fried Haloumi

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Oh, can't believe it's Saturday now. The EDB3 conference is on this weekend. However, I wasn't selected due to limited seats and blog popularity, etc. Looks like I need to blog hard 😛 LOL. Everyone has their own recipe on making fish and chips. Some people like to do beer-battered while others uses plain paste and straight … Continue reading Fish ‘n’ Chips

Angus Pure Green Mile Journey @ Regattas Bistro + Bar

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo, I am under the effect of alcohol. Oh well, I should say I was. Just got back home from a fantastic dinner that introduces a  premium beef brand, Angus Pure, to Adelaide, I thought it would be great to blog about the event fresh and let my dearest readers share the joy of my … Continue reading Angus Pure Green Mile Journey @ Regattas Bistro + Bar

Octoberfest at Hotel Wright Street

Octoberfest? Yes, my spelling is not wrong. It's not Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is an annual event to celebrate beer in Munich, Germany. It is the largest fair in the world as over 6 million people are expected to attend from all over the world. However, the octoberfest that I am talking about today is the event … Continue reading Octoberfest at Hotel Wright Street

Good Food and Wine Show Adelaide 2012

I loved my journey to the last year's GFWS and I would like to give special thanks to Lamb's Ear and Honey who provided me with the tickets. The GFWS is an annual event that showcases a good variety of food and wines available in SA and throughout Australia. Visitors can expect to taste various finger … Continue reading Good Food and Wine Show Adelaide 2012

The perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese

China and Japan are currently having huge problems on the soverrignty of Diaoyu/Senkaku island, but that's has nothing to do with this post. They all have their own business to handle. However, as I was thinking the other day, both China and Japan are east Asian countries and hence with similar vegetation, animal species and foods, there must … Continue reading The perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese