Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra

Hi Foodies, Where do you go for weekday dinners and drinks in Canberra? Recently, we dined at Ondine, a brasserie (opened in 2021) in Canberra and it was a surprisingly good find. My long term readers know although I love fine dining, I am also a fan of modern Australian and European cuisines, especially those … Continue reading Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra


George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}

Gosh! I just realized I have not been blogging for almost 2 wks! What am I doing? :D. Life is not easy for a busy scientist. Doing a new project and stucking in the lab from 7 am til 5 pm is not a great fun 😦 Anyway, I am back on my blogging schedule. … Continue reading George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}