Mushroom Mania 2014 and Lenzerhide

Mushroom Mania is back again for its 2014 round. Being in its 14th year, the month-long campaign ┬áhas attracted a lot of attentions in the public, in media and has been widely discussed on all social media platforms. Mushroom Mania, run by Australian Mushroom Growers, is hosted across all states in Australia with a simple … Continue reading Mushroom Mania 2014 and Lenzerhide


Black Angus wrapped shimeji mushroom

It must have been a long time that I have not published any recipes. For this recipe, I got the idea from a Japanese dish - beef wrapped enoki mushrooms. I made that dish a couple of times before and was never unsuccessful. Shimeji mushrooms are mainly and typically used for soups and Asian noodle … Continue reading Black Angus wrapped shimeji mushroom

My birthday dinner – Japanese

My birthday! Yay, not really that excited cos I am now an old foodie fellow :(. I am not looking forward to my next birthday. However, when it comes to food for my birthday, I am more than happy that my birthday is coming one after another :D. My regular readers know that I crave … Continue reading My birthday dinner – Japanese