{Recipe} Spicy Aubergine with Murray Valley Pork Fillet

Happy Easter foodies! I am sure you are enjoying the valuable 4-days break as I do.   When many of you read the title today, you'd probably go what an aubergine is. To be honest, I can't tell you because it is just the British version of Eggplant. The reason I choose to use Aubergine … Continue reading {Recipe} Spicy Aubergine with Murray Valley Pork Fillet

Preserved is Better – Chargrilled Eggplant

I decided to continue with my series of preserved food and make it into a category.  In my previous post, I've already talked about the phrase "Preserved is Better" and in this post, I'll show a very commonly seen antipasto product, chargrilled eggplant. Eggplants are very versatile in terms of taste. They are bitter when raw … Continue reading Preserved is Better – Chargrilled Eggplant