Preserved is Better – Chargrilled Eggplant

I decided to continue with my series of preserved food and make it into a category.  In my previous post, I've already talked about the phrase "Preserved is Better" and in this post, I'll show a very commonly seen antipasto product, chargrilled eggplant. Eggplants are very versatile in terms of taste. They are bitter when raw … Continue reading Preserved is Better – Chargrilled Eggplant


What do Aussies do on Australia Day?

This is a good question! I stole the title from thecookingchook and will now use it for this post. I guess people do different things on this memorial day for our great nation. However, in terms of food, Lamingtons and barbies with several beers are essential to be identified as an Aussie. Additionally, because our nation … Continue reading What do Aussies do on Australia Day?