Bar Rochford, Canberra – Another visit

Hi foodies, It has been a while (almost a year) since my last article post - I know. Reflecting on 2022, it has been a big year for Tina and I but I am so glad it is over and we are back on the right track again. Up until recently, I started exploring the … Continue reading Bar Rochford, Canberra – Another visit


Bar Rochford, Canberra

Hi foodies, I had a much needed and relaxed break in the last two weeks. It is a good time for self-reflection as well and reinvigorated my curiosity towards food. Good food does not all have to be fine dining. They can be in the bars, on the street and anywhere that gives the memorable … Continue reading Bar Rochford, Canberra

Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra

Hi Foodies, Where do you go for weekday dinners and drinks in Canberra? Recently, we dined at Ondine, a brasserie (opened in 2021) in Canberra and it was a surprisingly good find. My long term readers know although I love fine dining, I am also a fan of modern Australian and European cuisines, especially those … Continue reading Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra

Table by Canberra Gourmet @ Truffle Farm

Hi foodies, Happy Canberra Day! Time just went so fast that I literally remembered this time last year of me being in the office of my previous workplace. Same goes with the restaurants, it has been a good 14 months since Tina and I first visited Table by Canberra Gourmet, one of Canberra's exclusive fine … Continue reading Table by Canberra Gourmet @ Truffle Farm

My favourite dishes @ Canberra Times Night Noodle Market 2022 – Series Part 2

Hi foodies, Happy mid-week! How's your week going? I am travelling fine and this week there has been good achievement. This is our second article in the Canberra Times Night Noodle Market on the overall experience in the market. With only three days left for the market, if you have not been to the market, … Continue reading My favourite dishes @ Canberra Times Night Noodle Market 2022 – Series Part 2

The Meat & Wine Co, Canberra

Hi foodies, The Meat & Wine Co has opened its door in Canberra in April 2021. The multi-chained steakhouse, being famous in their dry-aged steaks, offers a different experience to many counterparts in the country. Tina and I recently attended the venue for her birthday and enjoyed the warm hospitality. Located in the recently constructed Constitution … Continue reading The Meat & Wine Co, Canberra

Dairy Road Market, Canberra

Hey foodies, Where do you normally go for an enjoyable weekend? For me, I go to various markets to browse over things and eat lots of good local food. With so many markets in the bustling capital, there must be something that would suit your needs. Late last year, Dairy Road Markets re-opened its doors … Continue reading Dairy Road Market, Canberra

Lunar New Year 2022 – NYE Dinner

Happy lunar new year foodies and welcome to the year of Tiger. The tiger in Asian cultures embodies courage and bravery, so the new year symbolises resilience and strength. This is even more important during the pandemic - a time that many people struggles. The 2022 tiger is a water tiger which has a strong … Continue reading Lunar New Year 2022 – NYE Dinner