Bar Rochford, Canberra

Hi foodies, I had a much needed and relaxed break in the last two weeks. It is a good time for self-reflection as well and reinvigorated my curiosity towards food. Good food does not all have to be fine dining. They can be in the bars, on the street and anywhere that gives the memorable … Continue reading Bar Rochford, Canberra


Clonakilla, Murrumbateman – One of the best Aussie reds

Hi foodies, It has been a while since I wrote anything on cellar door experiences. The ease of restrictions in NSW and ACT really stimulated my drive to get away from Canberra and go to the surrounding areas so that my mind can clear out while the body is relaxing. While I was planning the … Continue reading Clonakilla, Murrumbateman – One of the best Aussie reds

Burge Bubbles? I heard …

Hi Foodies, How is 2020 treating you? I am certainly not enjoying it so far. With the bushfires from January, hailstorm in Canberra followed and then the nasty COVID-19 kicked in. It is always sad to see real people leaving us, let along so many of them this year...... This is a good lesson for … Continue reading Burge Bubbles? I heard …

Wine for Yoga Lovers

Hi foodies, When you hear the word yoga, what do you normally associate it with? I normally think health, calm, India, etc etc, until I recently came across a wine brand, Wine for Yoga Lovers. Many of you may know that as an ex-wine professional, I don't normally write wines - simply because I know … Continue reading Wine for Yoga Lovers

Cantina Sociale – The difference starts here!

Hi foodies, Do you realise the number of wine bars in Adelaide has been boomed over the past several years? All these new bars popped up and some old ones left the scene. This is business. I have been to several quite unique types of bars but also wondered if there would be a bar … Continue reading Cantina Sociale – The difference starts here!