Napoleon Cake

For people who loves cakes, they may want to go around the world and taste cakes in any single culture. Tina is one of those persons while I was never a fan of sweet cakes with cream, just not my style, but this Napoleon cake really made me exciting. The cake, also named Mille-feuille, is … Continue reading Napoleon Cake


The Curious Squire

Last Tuesday, after the good chats with all the food bloggers in D'artagnan, we were invited to enjoy some sweet treats/desserts in the Curious Squire. The curious squire was opened in 2012 after the old Sparrow, at the same address, was closed. In fact, for a long time I was wondering what the site was … Continue reading The Curious Squire

Gourmet Glaze Donuts

The recent trend in donuts related food has gone far crazy. I guess by now every one has seen or heard the hybrid between croissant and donut, the cronut. In the US, people lined up for long time to just get a taste of them. In Adelaide, we have several local bakeries which do the … Continue reading Gourmet Glaze Donuts

Dreamy Donuts Adelaide Airport

Airport. How did I end up in the airport for 1.5 hrs? The answer was to wait for my wife's parents' arrival. Anyway, while we were there, I discovered this new shop, Dreamy Donuts, specialising in donuts near Gate 21 in the domestic chamber. Dreamy Donuts is a national franchise business, originated in 2006 in … Continue reading Dreamy Donuts Adelaide Airport

High Tea @ Hilton Adelaide

High tea for me and my wife at Hilton Adelaide this avo. I have been wanting to try their high tea for a long time as at the Good food and wine show 2011, I tasted their beautiful and delicious scones. We decided to give it a crack today as having heard so many good … Continue reading High Tea @ Hilton Adelaide

Taro and Sweet Potato Balls with Sorbet and Mung Bean – A modernised Taiwanese Sweet

Wow. such a long title, hah? After the full day out for the BBQ festival, my wife decided to make a nice sweet from taiwan for me. The taro balls and sweet potato balls are famous traditional¬†Taiwanese¬†sweets. You can find them almost anywhere in Taiwan, but the most famous one is from Jiufen. Anyway, we … Continue reading Taro and Sweet Potato Balls with Sorbet and Mung Bean – A modernised Taiwanese Sweet

The Mac Factory – A gem in the city (CBD)

The Mac factory has been around for a while. It was only minutes away from home. My wife loves to go there a lot. I am not in sweet addiction though. However, I went there and gave it a crack the other day and thought to share my experience with you guys. Before I officially, … Continue reading The Mac Factory – A gem in the city (CBD)

Maple and Walnut Plaited Danish

Hi, guys. Sweet time! Until recently, somehow I felt love with the maple and pecan danishes and decided to make some. It is very simple to make and I should say for about half an hour, including cooking time, you will be under ur way to some great taste sweets. Let's begin. 1. Fillings Creme … Continue reading Maple and Walnut Plaited Danish