Gourmet Glaze Donuts

The recent trend in donuts related food has gone far crazy. I guess by now every one has seen or heard the hybrid between croissant and donut, the cronut. In the US, people lined up for long time to just get a taste of them. In Adelaide, we have several local bakeries which do the … Continue reading Gourmet Glaze Donuts


Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun

The lunch yesterday at Press* Food and Wine made me really satisfied. After coming home last night I came across some good reviews on Yelp on Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun in Renaissance Arcade. Last year, while traveled in Tsingtao and Nanjing, China, I had wonderful experience with Xiao Long Bao at ┬áDin Tai Feng, … Continue reading Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun

Gelatissimo Gelato Rundle Street

What would you guys do in this Adelaide's summer season with heatwaves keep coming til March? Oh, well, I would do one of the following two things. 1. Stay at home or in my office with the aircon on 2. Go shopping! And every time I go shopping in Rundle Mall, I'll not miss the … Continue reading Gelatissimo Gelato Rundle Street

Chatime Rundle Mall

Bubble tea? Ya kidding. Everybody knows what a bubble tea is and we got plenty of Asian shops selling bubble tea here in Adelaide. There are 2 or 3 in Chinatown and 2-3 in Rundle Mall. However, the latest addition to the bubble tea family, Chatime, brought some storms. Chatime was originated in Taiwan in … Continue reading Chatime Rundle Mall

Ajisen Ramen Regent Arcade

The most famous Jap noodle chain has landed in Adelaide ages ago on Leigh St, but do you know there is one right in Regent Arcade on Rundle Mall? I didn't know this until a couple of months ago. It has been 40 years since the first Ajisen Ramen restaurant opened its door to public … Continue reading Ajisen Ramen Regent Arcade

Buskers Restaurant Rundle Mall

Friday night is always a paradise for foodies to hunt for their little 'prey'. Most people should know that I am eager for delicious food and wine and last Friday I went a very nice little gem of Adelaide. Guess which it is? Yes, the Buskers on the Mall.   The restaurant was named in … Continue reading Buskers Restaurant Rundle Mall