Dilmah School of Tea – Part 1

Someone once said, "There are two things that most people get addicted to - either tea or coffee". Of course, I don't agree with this phrase completely. Apart from the caffeine which gives you a boost when tired, tea and coffee both have antioxidant in them and these are the good buddies for your body. … Continue reading Dilmah School of Tea – Part 1

High Tea @ Hilton Adelaide

High tea for me and my wife at Hilton Adelaide this avo. I have been wanting to try their high tea for a long time as at the Good food and wine show 2011, I tasted their beautiful and delicious scones. We decided to give it a crack today as having heard so many good … Continue reading High Tea @ Hilton Adelaide

Dilmah WATTE Series – The most exclusive tea in the world

Two months ago, I interviewed the founder of Dilmah, Mr Merrill J. Fernando and his son Dilhan Fernando. ¬†As we talked about sensory aspects of tea in our conversation, it made me wondering the flavours and taste of the best teas of this family owned business. Indeed, thanks to Dilmah, I received some tea samples … Continue reading Dilmah WATTE Series – The most exclusive tea in the world