Langtang Nepalese Restaurant, North Adelaide

Is South Australia the food capital of Australia? Somebody asked me several weeks ago. Certainly I am not able to answer a simple "yes or no", but what do know is that we have restaurants with different cuisines, which is a part of Australia's multiculturalism. On Thursday last week, courtesy of the head chef, Tina … Continue reading Langtang Nepalese Restaurant, North Adelaide


Eat Now – Take the restaurants to your doorway

I am very very very excited to announce that I am back to normal with blogging! Since November last year, I went on holiday and went to enjoy life with my family overseas. However, due to unknown reasons, is somehow blocked by the Chinese authorities and hence I was not able to publish anything … Continue reading Eat Now – Take the restaurants to your doorway

Kathmandu Restaurant

Yah~~ Thursday! Thursday night is meant to be the later shopping night in suburbs, but my miss and I both finished work late and hutt street is close to home. We decided to hunt for something special. Kathmandu is the name of the capital city of Nepal and Kathmandu restaurant is named after the capital. … Continue reading Kathmandu Restaurant