Eighty Six Restaurant, Braddon

Hi Foodies, Hope you all had a fantastic week and a new start tomorrow. Canberra reached 34oC yesterday and it is certainly time to get out and about to enjoy what the summer has to offer. And of course, food, especially good food, is always on my list to tick off. Eighty Six Eighty Six … Continue reading Eighty Six Restaurant, Braddon

Festival of Food 2018 – Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Hi foodies, On Friday I posted my first Festival of Food 2018 experience - British Raj. It was certainly a good start of the event this year. To continue our journey, Tina and I dug into the second on our list, Botanic Gardens Restaurant. When mentioning Botanic Gardens Restaurant, there is no need to give … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – Botanic Gardens Restaurant

The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

The dinning atmosphere in Glenelg, especially around moseley square, has been dramatically developed over the past several years. In 2014, after a multi-million-dollars-redevelopment, the Moseley Bar and Kitchen opened its door to the public. The old dublin hotel has become a part of history but the new moseley bar and kitchen has shown strong activity since … Continue reading The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

{Recipes} Confit Toothfish & Panfried Fish Steak

These two recipes are from the toothfish dinner specified in the previous post. Confit Toothfish     Ingredients 250 g           Toothfish steak - skin off 1 L                Olive oil 4                   Bay leaves 4 cloves … Continue reading {Recipes} Confit Toothfish & Panfried Fish Steak

The Brasserie, Hilton Adelaide – Revisit

The Brasserie at Hilton Adelaide is probably my most visited restaurants during the last 12 months. Whether it's for high tea or for dinner, the quality of food at this place has never disappointed me. To taste their May menu, my wife and I decided to give it another crack on a Friday night before … Continue reading The Brasserie, Hilton Adelaide – Revisit

Angus Pure Green Mile Journey @ Regattas Bistro + Bar

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo, I am under the effect of alcohol. Oh well, I should say I was. Just got back home from a fantastic dinner that introduces a  premium beef brand, Angus Pure, to Adelaide, I thought it would be great to blog about the event fresh and let my dearest readers share the joy of my … Continue reading Angus Pure Green Mile Journey @ Regattas Bistro + Bar

The Brasserie – Hilton Adelaide

 Hi Folks! I just realised that I have not put restaurant reviews up here for long times. Anyway, at least I am writing one now. 🙂 This post is about a week day dinner at the Brasserie in Hilton Adelaide with my wife who got so lazy on cooking. 😦 The brasserie in Hilton Adelaide is … Continue reading The Brasserie – Hilton Adelaide

The Wine Underground – A Revisit

Folks, I told you I'll keeping going back to the Wine Underground. Yes, I did on the same day as I visited Antiquteas, but this time I used a cudo voucher which I bought 7 months ago. The place was still as elegant as before - to read my previous review, please click here.   … Continue reading The Wine Underground – A Revisit