Supabarn Kingston – Your Premium Local Farmer’s Market

Hi foodies, Where do you go shopping for premium local produce in Canberra? One of my favourite location is Supabarn in Casey Market Town. Did you know Supabarn has opened a shop in Kingston in 2020? We recently discovered this as well. In this post, let me take you on a culinary food produce tour … Continue reading Supabarn Kingston – Your Premium Local Farmer’s Market

Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

What a exciting news and exciting moment! The first ever Night Noodle Market has launched in Adelaide today. The festival has previously been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and has been serving the east coast since 1998. In corporation with OzAsia Festival this year, the Australian's favourite night market will run in the … Continue reading Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

A sunny day out – Stirling Market

A sunny Sunday is always the time for relaxation and enjoyment. A cuppa tea/coffee and some sweets are always welcomed within the family. I love to go to markets on Sunday. There are numerous Sunday markets in Adelaide, both in regional and metro areas and this time, I chose to visit one in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, the Stirling … Continue reading A sunny day out – Stirling Market