Plumrose – New Veggie Range

Dear foodies, How was you March? A quarter of the year has slipped away and we are nearly at the welcoming stage of another Easter. Did you realise hot cross buns have been on shelves since December 2020 :D? Recently I had the pleasure to sneak peek Plumrose's new vegetarian range which really surprised me. … Continue reading Plumrose – New Veggie Range


Chef Kim Korean Restaurant

Where is your favourite place for Korean food? I normally hear people asking me this question. To be honest, I don't normally eat out for Korean food as Tina and I sometimes cook Korean food at home. From many years ago, I used to pop around mapo regularly when it has not gone to a … Continue reading Chef Kim Korean Restaurant

Korean style fried chicken

The Korean fried chicken has swiped the markets in Asia and many parts of the world. With the influences of TV series, Korea is doing well to spread their culture and culinary excellence. "Fried chicken and Beer" has become one of the most recognised national street food/dish by many foreign people and has gained huge … Continue reading Korean style fried chicken

Beef Short Ribs – Korean and Japanese

Nowadays, Australians are more interested in prime cut beef than cheap cuts. This can be caused by various factors and I think it's mainly because that prime cuts are easy to cook with flavours and tenderer meat. I don't deny this and I am a fan of prime cuts as well. Who isn't? The point … Continue reading Beef Short Ribs – Korean and Japanese

BB Steak House

Are you fancy about steaks? Well, I do. I go to steak houses every now and then but for lunch, I found a little place which does something like steak. "Like steak?" Yes! This is because they are not really doing steaks. What they do is Korean type meat dishes (steaks?), which are popular in … Continue reading BB Steak House

Raah Cafe

Lunch, lunch, lunch.... I've been crazy about good lunch spots in town for quite a while and we decided to try out a small Korean eatery hiding in one of the many plazas on Rundle Mall.   Located in Charles St Plaza, and hided in a very small corner is this Korean cafe run by … Continue reading Raah Cafe