Tokyo Canteen, Kingston

Hi Foodies, If you are in Canberra, let me ask you this question. What is the newest addition to the Kingston cafe dining scene? I recently discovered this Japanese venue that opened just two weeks ago and I can tell ya it's very popular. It is Tokyo Canteen. Tokyo Canteen is a new Japanese establishment … Continue reading Tokyo Canteen, Kingston

Mori Tuna – SA’s very own Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Merry Christmas everyone! In this fantastic festive season, we would like to thank your continued support, especially in from last year my posting activity has reduced due to work commitment. Now finally the end of year break has started, I want to share, with you all, South Australia's very own southern blue fin tuna, Mori … Continue reading Mori Tuna – SA’s very own Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Hi Foodies, Yesterday I showed how fantastic Ferguson Australia's iconic world acclaimed South Australian Southern Rock Lobster is. I left with an image for this post. So let me show you today how versatile their lobster is. I am conscious of food wastage so from the left over of the lobster sashimi, I decided to … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – Southern Rock Lobster Uramaki

Ferguson Australia – SA’s premium seafood provider

Hi foodies, When you think about South Australian seafood, what comes in your mind first? Oyster? King Prawns? Scallop? or Southern Rock Lobsters? I have everything in my mind. I truly think we are quite lucky living in South Australia. We have such a diversity in our ocean and the pristine seawater! You can taste … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – SA’s premium seafood provider

Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

I normally tend not to write anything political or historical. What can food relate back to history? That's true, unless if something has a long history of evolution. Many people thought I am a food reviewer. Partially correct, I used to be a wine chemist so sensory analysis was a part of my everyday job. … Continue reading Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

Ginza Miyako – A new menu has been launched

One of recent most preferred Japanese restaurant, Ginza Miyako in Stamford Plaza, has launched their Autumn menu. I've given a detailed introduction previously, so I will not waffle about things anymore but instead, I will go straight into food. After familiarizing South Australia for a period of time, the head chef Kazuki Ushiro has developed such … Continue reading Ginza Miyako – A new menu has been launched

Sushi Planet, Adelaide

Happy New Year, foodies!   I hope everyone had a great break during the festive season. Well, I did and had plenty of food to enjoy. 🙂 Japanese food and sushi are also on my table and list to try. There was a new sushi eatery opened its door in Adelaide last week.   Sushi … Continue reading Sushi Planet, Adelaide

Ginza Miyako, Adelaide

Life, sometimes, can be a bit adventurous. Like for myself, this time last year, I would have never thought about where I should be now and things just happened with efforts and hard working. Well, I personally believe that everyone may have experienced the same scenario at some stage. Business are much similar to a … Continue reading Ginza Miyako, Adelaide