Festival of Food 2018 – British Raj

Hi foodies, Festival of Food (FOF) is kicking off in May 2018! Watch out for the brochure invitations in your mail box as they will start to arrive soon. The app is already available. You can search your app store to access the app now. Previously I have always tried to take advantage of the offers … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – British Raj

Dera – a birds’ nest in Grange, Adelaide

In recent years, Adelaide has got a full boost of Indian restaurants both in the city and in suburbs and most of them are Southern Indian cuisines, ie what we normally see as Indian food. Back in 2003, when I was still in high school, there were only a couple of Indian restaurants in Adelaide. Although … Continue reading Dera – a birds’ nest in Grange, Adelaide

The Village Indian Restaurant

Oh, oh, it's Indians again. I surely should admit that Adelaide has got so many Indian restaurants and some of them are indeed very good. On a Friday night, we 'toured' India from the culinary arts of a famous Indian restaurant. Which one? The answer is "The Village".     Located near the end of … Continue reading The Village Indian Restaurant

Legacy of India North Adelaide

It's Friday's night and it's night for foodies to hunt for great cuisines in town. Adelaide is renowned for its multi-culture and hence has so many different cuisines from  all over the world. I love curries and oh, yes Indian food. Legacy of India in North Adelaide is our target tonight. I've tried so many … Continue reading Legacy of India North Adelaide