Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide

It's really a windy winter Sunday and my wife and I needed something to warm up. Alfonso's continental came to our sights. The iconic building located on Hutt street is very close to home and could be a good option for a lazy Sunday lunch. We first came across the place around 6 years ago … Continue reading Alfonso’s Continental, Hutt Street Adelaide

The Mac Factory – A gem in the city (CBD)

The Mac factory has been around for a while. It was only minutes away from home. My wife loves to go there a lot. I am not in sweet addiction though. However, I went there and gave it a crack the other day and thought to share my experience with you guys. Before I officially, … Continue reading The Mac Factory – A gem in the city (CBD)

A Hereford Beefstouw – My Valentine’s Day Dinner

Where did you guys have your Valentine's day dinner, my dear readers and fellows? Really hope everyone had nice and enjoyable dinning experience on this romantic day with your special ones. I had my dinner in the "new" Danish restaurant, A Hereford Beefstouw, on Hutt street. It was opened September last year and is the … Continue reading A Hereford Beefstouw – My Valentine’s Day Dinner

Kenji Modern Japanese Restaurant Hutt Street

When I was young, Dad used to buy a lot of pufferfish, removing their toxins and making fried dishes for me. It is surely a good taste, divine, fresh and crunchy. Many years later, I can still remember the fabulous taste. Now, there is a good Japanese restaurant in Adelaide, which makes safe and tasty … Continue reading Kenji Modern Japanese Restaurant Hutt Street

Kathmandu Restaurant

Yah~~ Thursday! Thursday night is meant to be the later shopping night in suburbs, but my miss and I both finished work late and hutt street is close to home. We decided to hunt for something special. Kathmandu is the name of the capital city of Nepal and Kathmandu restaurant is named after the capital. … Continue reading Kathmandu Restaurant