Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Hi Foodies, I hope you all had a fantastic week. ūüôā Summer is really getting close to us in Canberra, so nights out become more regular. Just be reminded to be COVIDSafe when you are out there. A Thursday night earlier in the year saw a friend and I went out for dinning in one … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

Let's continue my story and bizarre day at Glenelg. Despite the fact that we had such bad food and services from the Dublin Hotel and Yum Sing Express,¬†¬†I did enjoy my old fav charcoal yiros. I discovered this place since they opened their doors many years ago. It has then become my quick lunch spot¬†every … Continue reading Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

Semaphore Greek Festival 2013

Semaphore, one of the most beautiful beaches in Adelaide, is home to many Greeks. It was given a name "little Greece" with a strong community focus on the Greek culture and cuisine dated back to 1959. The festival itself was initiated in 1977 with the local council's "One Day Multiculture Festival" and soon turned to … Continue reading Semaphore Greek Festival 2013

Zoe’s Restaurant and Take-away, Hyde Park

We don't have to go to Greece to experience¬† authentic Greek food, do we? Thanks to the multiculturalism of our country, we got a diversity of food options here in Adelaide. In fact, Greek cuisine is one of the most wide-spread one all over the world. They uses a lot of herbs and spices as … Continue reading Zoe’s Restaurant and Take-away, Hyde Park