We are back: Hello from Canberra & Pork Knuckles

Hello Foodies, I know we haven't said this 'hello' for a long while. Indeed, it has been two years since my last post on the Wine for Yoga Lovers. You may have wondered where we have been and what happened to us in the past two years. Well, put it simple, I changed job and … Continue reading We are back: Hello from Canberra & Pork Knuckles

German Style Potato Salad

Dear foodies, Do you like German cuisine? You answers may vary but my one is quite definite. Grown up in a city, Tsingtao, established and built by Germans since 1898. German influence has been in my life since when I was a kid. The German architects around my house, the German influenced local cuisine and … Continue reading German Style Potato Salad

The complete guide to Adelaide Central Market: Butchers – Sausages and Specialty products

Let's continue with my guide to Adelaide Central Market. In the previous posts, I've covered history of the market, general butchers and poultry butchers. In fact, the market have even more things to be discovered. We will update you with some butchers which expertise in sausages and other specialty products. Hopefully this post will be … Continue reading The complete guide to Adelaide Central Market: Butchers – Sausages and Specialty products

Octoberfest at Hotel Wright Street

Octoberfest? Yes, my spelling is not wrong. It's not Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is an annual event to celebrate beer in Munich, Germany. It is the largest fair in the world as over 6 million people are expected to attend from all over the world. However, the octoberfest that I am talking about today is the event … Continue reading Octoberfest at Hotel Wright Street

The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

Hi, guys!! I am back to blogging now. In the last half of the year, I was busy with my projects as well as travelling around, but now got more time to blog about things. Well, let's talk about the Hahndorf Inn.   Hahndorf Inn is located on the main street of Hahndorf and was … Continue reading The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

The Haus Hahndorf

Hahndorf, hahndorf~~~ I've been lazy and busy with my lab works for the past month or so and did not post a single review.~?~ Anyway, I am back on track now. Yes, I went to hahndorf again. It has been raining for two weeks here in adelaide and I went very emotional with the weather … Continue reading The Haus Hahndorf