Suckling Pig Dinner @ Republic Norwood

Republic Norwood, Adelaide's semi-newest pub/hotel/casual dinning restaurant, has launched their newest campaign - suckling pigs. Republic has been around for about 8 months now and has become a social hot spot¬†among locals near the venue as well as other parts of Adelaide. When an invitation found its way to my inbox, there was definitely no … Continue reading Suckling Pig Dinner @ Republic Norwood

The Big Lunch @ Adelaide Central Market

Early this month, I wrote about the menu for the Big Lunch. Many people showed interests in attending or reading about the event for consideration for future years. One major factor that stopped some people was that they claimed they wanted a reasonable price. For $140 per person, I admit that the ticket price was … Continue reading The Big Lunch @ Adelaide Central Market

Mushroom Mania 2014 and Lenzerhide

Mushroom Mania is back again for its 2014 round. Being in its 14th year, the month-long campaign ¬†has attracted a lot of attentions in the public, in media and has been widely discussed on all social media platforms. Mushroom Mania, run by Australian Mushroom Growers, is hosted across all states in Australia with a simple … Continue reading Mushroom Mania 2014 and Lenzerhide

World Aquaculture Conference 2014

World Aquaculture Conference 2014 (WAA 2014) was held in Adelaide Convention Centre from June 7 until 11. This was the first time South Australia held this conference and was the biggest event the state ever held. Hosted by the World Aquaculture Society and sponsored by PIRSA, the conference has attracted approximately 3000 delegated from all … Continue reading World Aquaculture Conference 2014

[Information] The Big Lunch 2014 preview

Dear fellow foodies, I thought it's time for me to give all of you a quick headup on what's happening in Adelaide in the food event sector. The Big Issue has launched the lunch menu for this year's "The Big Lunch" event. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the homeless … Continue reading [Information] The Big Lunch 2014 preview

Donut King free donuts and selfie competition

  A selfie? Yes, I am taking a selfie, but before I go further on the topic, you may have noticed that I've been absent for a while since last post. Tina cut her finger through while cooking and I had to be in hospital with her all week last week. Anyway, I may have … Continue reading Donut King free donuts and selfie competition

World Aquaculture Conference (3): Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island (KI), the third largest island in Australia, has gained success in the aquaculture industry. Lying 112 km south-west to Adelaide, KI was often classified as a popular tourist destination. Prior to 2008, not many people has heard of aquaculture seafood from KI but more media and social media coverage were seen about the seafood produced … Continue reading World Aquaculture Conference (3): Kangaroo Island

World Aquaculture Conference 2014 (2): Port Lincoln Eyre Peninsula

Port Lincoln, the city on the lower Eyre Peninsula, is known to many Australians. In my trip to Sydney late last year, seafood produce from Eyre Peninsula could be found everywhere in the city's most famous seafood market. Stretching across the Great Australian Bight, the peninsula bounds by the Spencer Gulf to the east and … Continue reading World Aquaculture Conference 2014 (2): Port Lincoln Eyre Peninsula