Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra

Hi Foodies, Where do you go for weekday dinners and drinks in Canberra? Recently, we dined at Ondine, a brasserie (opened in 2021) in Canberra and it was a surprisingly good find. My long term readers know although I love fine dining, I am also a fan of modern Australian and European cuisines, especially those … Continue reading Ondine – European Brasserie, Deakin, Canberra


The complete guide to Adelaide Central Market: Butchers – Sausages and Specialty products

Let's continue with my guide to Adelaide Central Market. In the previous posts, I've covered history of the market, general butchers and poultry butchers. In fact, the market have even more things to be discovered. We will update you with some butchers which expertise in sausages and other specialty products. Hopefully this post will be … Continue reading The complete guide to Adelaide Central Market: Butchers – Sausages and Specialty products

Carnevale Italian Festival Adelaide 2013

Over the last three years, although I kept announcing my love towards Italian cuisine, I've never been to an Italian festival. In fact, I came across the Carnevale in 2011 but didn't look into it. However, this year while my parents in-law were here, I decided to take them to this event and get them … Continue reading Carnevale Italian Festival Adelaide 2013

Press* Food and Wine

Adelaide's winter is definitely a better season for my hay fever. I normally get quite annoyed with the small particles or pollen in air but winter has always been good with my nose. After taking my wife to clinics for check up, we headed to one of the most popular restaurants in Adelaide, Press* Food … Continue reading Press* Food and Wine

32 Via dei birrai @ Pizza e Mozzarella Bar

I am sure when people read this post and look at the title, they will go "what are you talking about"? Nah, I am not talking English :P. In fact, 32 Via dei birrai  is a Italian microbrewery beer brand that produces artisan beers. The company is expanding vastly in the western world and in Asian … Continue reading 32 Via dei birrai @ Pizza e Mozzarella Bar

George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}

Gosh! I just realized I have not been blogging for almost 2 wks! What am I doing? :D. Life is not easy for a busy scientist. Doing a new project and stucking in the lab from 7 am til 5 pm is not a great fun 😦 Anyway, I am back on my blogging schedule. … Continue reading George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}