Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Hi Foodies, I hope you all had a fantastic week. 🙂 Summer is really getting close to us in Canberra, so nights out become more regular. Just be reminded to be COVIDSafe when you are out there. A Thursday night earlier in the year saw a friend and I went out for dinning in one … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek, Canberra


Murray Valley Pork – Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

Dear foodies, 2017 went really fast! Can you imagine it is already mid of February?! I was still living in my fairy land of Christmas, New Year, Australian Day and Chinese New Year but just realised 1/6 of the year has slipped away. 😦 Life is the same at my end - work, home, work, … Continue reading Murray Valley Pork – Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

Thai Street Food Cooking Class by Terry from Sukhumvit Soi38

How are we foodies?! I guess we are all busy eating around to satisfy our cravings. So do I -busy work, busy cooking and eating. Although life is getting busier, the inner satisfaction about the career, the job and many things have grown significantly. This also reminds me to take a work-life balance whenever possible … Continue reading Thai Street Food Cooking Class by Terry from Sukhumvit Soi38

Authentic adds a modern twist – Sukhumvit Soi.38 Thai Street Food

As I always loved, Adelaide is a highly livable and sustainable city. The blue sky, lovely sunshine, golden beaches and crisp water is an unbeatable experience to many tourist-alike. Beautiful scenic views should always be accompanied by delicious food and tasty wine. Fortunately enough, the city is also a multicultural city with so many restaurants … Continue reading Authentic adds a modern twist – Sukhumvit Soi.38 Thai Street Food

Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

What a exciting news and exciting moment! The first ever Night Noodle Market has launched in Adelaide today. The festival has previously been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and has been serving the east coast since 1998. In corporation with OzAsia Festival this year, the Australian's favourite night market will run in the … Continue reading Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

Korean style fried chicken

The Korean fried chicken has swiped the markets in Asia and many parts of the world. With the influences of TV series, Korea is doing well to spread their culture and culinary excellence. "Fried chicken and Beer" has become one of the most recognised national street food/dish by many foreign people and has gained huge … Continue reading Korean style fried chicken

My two specialty mini burgers

Burgers have swiped the whole culinary world in Adelaide since the opening of burger theory. Over the years, there has been a lot of additions to the city and the latest one was Nordburger in Norwood. Anyway, we all know beef mince can make good burgers and cooking med rare can give that juiciness when … Continue reading My two specialty mini burgers

A recent Japanese dinner

Just noticed that I haven't had Japanese food for a while. It's like the caffeine for me now and if I haven't had any in a couple of months, I feel dis-comfortable. LOL. Last Saturday, the weather was fine, the sun was out and I desperately wanted some Japanese food. Fortunately, my wife is a … Continue reading A recent Japanese dinner