Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Hi Foodies, I hope you all had a fantastic week. 🙂 Summer is really getting close to us in Canberra, so nights out become more regular. Just be reminded to be COVIDSafe when you are out there. A Thursday night earlier in the year saw a friend and I went out for dinning in one … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Festival of Food 2018 – Red Ochre Grill

Hi foodies, I can't believe it is already June and half of 2018 has nearly gone! 😦 A couple of weeks back was the National Reconciliation Week. Did you participate in any events? I went to some to learn more about the Aboriginal and Torrens Island cultures and see how our nation is united. On … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – Red Ochre Grill

Festival of Food 2018 – River Cafe

Hi foodies, How did your winter go so far? My one started off great but after catching virus and being sick, I was inundated with all things occurred in the past several weeks. Never mind, things will get better. To overcome the winter 'fever', Tina and I headed down to one of the iconic cafe … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – River Cafe

Festival of Food 2018 – Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Hi foodies, On Friday I posted my first Festival of Food 2018 experience - British Raj. It was certainly a good start of the event this year. To continue our journey, Tina and I dug into the second on our list, Botanic Gardens Restaurant. When mentioning Botanic Gardens Restaurant, there is no need to give … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Festival of Food 2018 – British Raj

Hi foodies, Festival of Food (FOF) is kicking off in May 2018! Watch out for the brochure invitations in your mail box as they will start to arrive soon. The app is already available. You can search your app store to access the app now. Previously I have always tried to take advantage of the offers … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – British Raj

The Warradale Hotel

Dear foodies, Lately I have been writing several local pubs. It is interesting to see many of our local pubs are offering quality dishes with local seasonal produce. This is a good thing to improve the food standards in these venues and re-image the South Australian pub scene. So, tell me, which pub is your … Continue reading The Warradale Hotel

Black Bird ADL – Charcoal Rotisserie

Hi foodies, Recently I found out that one of the earliest blogs in Adelaide (since 2008), Dbites.com has quit the blog world. It is kindda sad for me as she was one of the role model that encouraged me to start stepping into the blog world. The current owner of dbites.com is not Dee and … Continue reading Black Bird ADL – Charcoal Rotisserie

The Beach Hotel, Seaford

To my dearest readers, Happy New Year! I wish you all a wonderful start of 2018 and a successful year ahead! 2017 has been a difficult year for me. During the past year, I had some significant changes in my personal life commitment so blogging has been put on shelf for a long while. With … Continue reading The Beach Hotel, Seaford