Chef Kim Korean Restaurant

Where is your favourite place for Korean food? I normally hear people asking me this question. To be honest, I don't normally eat out for Korean food as Tina and I sometimes cook Korean food at home. From many years ago, I used to pop around mapo regularly when it has not gone to a … Continue reading Chef Kim Korean Restaurant


[Information] The Big Lunch 2014 preview

Dear fellow foodies, I thought it's time for me to give all of you a quick headup on what's happening in Adelaide in the food event sector. The Big Issue has launched the lunch menu for this year's "The Big Lunch" event. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the homeless … Continue reading [Information] The Big Lunch 2014 preview

Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

What did you do in May on Mother's Day? I guess most of us have taken our mother to lunch or prepared a special lunch for her. In human society, mothers have been the people that we are closest to for centuries. They care for us and would do everything for their kids. Think about … Continue reading Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

Charlie’s Place and Groupon Experience

This will be a long post. It consists of two parts - my experience with the restaurant and groupon. A few weeks ago, a representative from Groupon Australia  contacted me for collaboration with local bloggers. I was more than happy to interact with them because Groupon has got good reputations among all the group-buying sites. I've registered with them for … Continue reading Charlie’s Place and Groupon Experience

BB Steak House

Are you fancy about steaks? Well, I do. I go to steak houses every now and then but for lunch, I found a little place which does something like steak. "Like steak?" Yes! This is because they are not really doing steaks. What they do is Korean type meat dishes (steaks?), which are popular in … Continue reading BB Steak House

Sumo Salad Myer Center

Lunch is always something to think about when you are in the office, towards 1pm. I've been trying several different lunch spots in town and out in waite. Now I am bored with the same foods everyday and want to have a change. Have a change? YES! Change to something new, exciting and healthier. Sumo … Continue reading Sumo Salad Myer Center