Plumrose – New Veggie Range

Dear foodies, How was you March? A quarter of the year has slipped away and we are nearly at the welcoming stage of another Easter. Did you realise hot cross buns have been on shelves since December 2020 :D? Recently I had the pleasure to sneak peek Plumrose's new vegetarian range which really surprised me. … Continue reading Plumrose – New Veggie Range


[Recipe] Thai Noodle Salad

Hi foodies, What do you eat on a hot day? For me it is always cold noodles. I recently developped this Thai Cold Noodle Salad recipe with all locally sourced ingredients and condiments. I want to share with you so it can help to make your summer day relaxed and fun, even with kids. It … Continue reading [Recipe] Thai Noodle Salad

[Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

Hi foodies, The Canberra weather is getting crazy with rain started from Friday all the way to the upcoming Friday 😓. In cold days like these ones, what dishes are on your plate as a comfort food? For me, it is softshell crab. Soft-shell crabs are those that have just molted their old exoskeleton and … Continue reading [Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

Mori Tuna – SA’s very own Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Merry Christmas everyone! In this fantastic festive season, we would like to thank your continued support, especially in from last year my posting activity has reduced due to work commitment. Now finally the end of year break has started, I want to share, with you all, South Australia's very own southern blue fin tuna, Mori … Continue reading Mori Tuna – SA’s very own Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Ferguson Australia – SA’s premium seafood provider

Hi foodies, When you think about South Australian seafood, what comes in your mind first? Oyster? King Prawns? Scallop? or Southern Rock Lobsters? I have everything in my mind. I truly think we are quite lucky living in South Australia. We have such a diversity in our ocean and the pristine seawater! You can taste … Continue reading Ferguson Australia – SA’s premium seafood provider

Murray Valley Pork – Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

Dear foodies, 2017 went really fast! Can you imagine it is already mid of February?! I was still living in my fairy land of Christmas, New Year, Australian Day and Chinese New Year but just realised 1/6 of the year has slipped away. 😦 Life is the same at my end - work, home, work, … Continue reading Murray Valley Pork – Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

German Style Potato Salad

Dear foodies, Do you like German cuisine? You answers may vary but my one is quite definite. Grown up in a city, Tsingtao, established and built by Germans since 1898. German influence has been in my life since when I was a kid. The German architects around my house, the German influenced local cuisine and … Continue reading German Style Potato Salad

Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

You know I love sushi, right?! November last year, Tina and I did a mighty two weeks Japan and experienced fantasy of food. Japanese cuisine is quite clean and refreshing while one can definitely enjoy the original flavour of many ingredients. When being there, you can literally try any restaurant coming into your view - … Continue reading Inari – simple and delicious sushi!