Lunar New Year 2022 – NYE Dinner

Happy lunar new year foodies and welcome to the year of Tiger. The tiger in Asian cultures embodies courage and bravery, so the new year symbolises resilience and strength. This is even more important during the pandemic - a time that many people struggles. The 2022 tiger is a water tiger which has a strong … Continue reading Lunar New Year 2022 – NYE Dinner


Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun

The lunch yesterday at Press* Food and Wine made me really satisfied. After coming home last night I came across some good reviews on Yelp on Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun in Renaissance Arcade. Last year, while traveled in Tsingtao and Nanjing, China, I had wonderful experience with Xiao Long Bao at  Din Tai Feng, … Continue reading Yu Feng Tai Shanghai Bun

Tea Lounge Yum Cha, Rundle Place

Yesterday was Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day around the world. Jamie's initiative has really helped a lot people to get educated on their food they consume on a daily base. It is a great program for us to understand the importance of the producing process of our food and hence we can take care more … Continue reading Tea Lounge Yum Cha, Rundle Place

{Food Waste} Fennel leaves and pork dumplings

The topic sounds disgusting, right? People may want to ask what the heck I am talking about. Food waste, one of the world's most serious problems, is on the headline today. However, in this post, the term "food waste" refers to parts of plants or animals that no one consumes and disposed straight away. In … Continue reading {Food Waste} Fennel leaves and pork dumplings

Yum Sing Express

In the previous post, I discussed how I felt about the Dublin hotel. I did enjoy some good yiros which I'll talk about in later posts. However, in this post, I am going to show you another bad food experience at Glenelg on that day. Yum Sing is a successful family run business in Old … Continue reading Yum Sing Express