La Boca Bar and Grill

Sunday nights are always my excitements! With new challenges at work coming every Monday, it's a good time to wrap up the week and to check out some dining places. Last Sunday saw me and Tina venturing down the streets of Adelaide and headed to the newly opened Argentinian restaurant, La Boca Bar and Grill, … Continue reading La Boca Bar and Grill

Chimichurri Grill – Mobile gourmet Argentinan food

Gosh! Adelaide's food trucks are everywhere now since Burger Theory kicked the ball. However, a famous food truck that sells gourmet Argentinian food, the Chimichurri Grill, is always on my list to try. Unfortunately, I don't work in the city and hence I can't go to join the normal Mon- Fri lunch queue to taste … Continue reading Chimichurri Grill – Mobile gourmet Argentinan food