Williams & Taylor Artisanal Hampers

Hi foodies, I flipped through my post and realised that I have not posted on product reviews for a long while. However, I recently found something really South Australian and really savoury (and sweet :D), Williams & Taylor Artisanal Hampers! How did I find them? This may sound like a drama but it is true … Continue reading Williams & Taylor Artisanal Hampers


Howard Vineyard Autumn Menu Launch

Hi foodies, You might have remembered my previous post on Howard Vineyard and the fact that our MasterChef Heather Day heads the restaurant really lightened up the culinary color of the dishes on offer. ūüôā After the first visit, I can't help myself so as you have guessed - yes, we went for the second … Continue reading Howard Vineyard Autumn Menu Launch

{Recipe} Cider steamed Kinkawooka Mussel

Two of my favorite brands in their category have launched their new products recently. In South Australia, mussels¬†are mainly¬†grown in aquaculture farms in Eyre Peninsula near Port Lincoln. Whenever thinking¬†about these natural beauties, I always prefer my mussels to be from Kinkawooka. Mussels are versatile in cooking and can always be suitable with different cuisines … Continue reading {Recipe} Cider steamed Kinkawooka Mussel

Provi to your Dore

Many years ago when I was a student, I always wondered how the busy professionals deal with their dinner. I know the easiest way is to have dinner in restaurants, but if people want healthy home-made delicious food, what would they do to cope between your personal life and the job. Fortunately, I have my … Continue reading Provi to your Dore

A sunny day out – Stirling Market

A sunny¬†Sunday¬†is always the time for relaxation and enjoyment. A cuppa tea/coffee and some sweets are always welcomed within the family. I love to go to markets on Sunday. There are numerous Sunday markets in Adelaide, both in regional and metro areas and this time, I chose to visit one in the¬†beautiful¬†Adelaide Hills, the Stirling … Continue reading A sunny day out – Stirling Market

The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

Hi, guys!! I am back to blogging now. In the last half of the year, I was busy with my projects as well as travelling around, but now got more time to blog about things. Well, let's talk about the Hahndorf Inn.   Hahndorf Inn is located on the main street of Hahndorf and was … Continue reading The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

The Haus Hahndorf

Hahndorf, hahndorf~~~ I've been lazy and busy with my lab works for the past month or so and did not post a single review.~?~ Anyway, I am back on track now. Yes, I went to hahndorf again. It has been raining for two weeks here in adelaide and I went very emotional with the weather … Continue reading The Haus Hahndorf