[Recipe] Thai Noodle Salad

Hi foodies, What do you eat on a hot day? For me it is always cold noodles. I recently developped this Thai Cold Noodle Salad recipe with all locally sourced ingredients and condiments. I want to share with you so it can help to make your summer day relaxed and fun, even with kids. It … Continue reading [Recipe] Thai Noodle Salad

Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Hi Foodies, I hope you all had a fantastic week. 🙂 Summer is really getting close to us in Canberra, so nights out become more regular. Just be reminded to be COVIDSafe when you are out there. A Thursday night earlier in the year saw a friend and I went out for dinning in one … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Supabarn Kingston – Your Premium Local Farmer’s Market

Hi foodies, Where do you go shopping for premium local produce in Canberra? One of my favourite location is Supabarn in Casey Market Town. Did you know Supabarn has opened a shop in Kingston in 2020? We recently discovered this as well. In this post, let me take you on a culinary food produce tour … Continue reading Supabarn Kingston – Your Premium Local Farmer’s Market

[Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

Hi foodies, The Canberra weather is getting crazy with rain started from Friday all the way to the upcoming Friday 😓. In cold days like these ones, what dishes are on your plate as a comfort food? For me, it is softshell crab. Soft-shell crabs are those that have just molted their old exoskeleton and … Continue reading [Recipe] Salt & Pepper Softshell Crab

Burge Bubbles? I heard …

Hi Foodies, How is 2020 treating you? I am certainly not enjoying it so far. With the bushfires from January, hailstorm in Canberra followed and then the nasty COVID-19 kicked in. It is always sad to see real people leaving us, let along so many of them this year...... This is a good lesson for … Continue reading Burge Bubbles? I heard …

We are back: Hello from Canberra & Pork Knuckles

Hello Foodies, I know we haven't said this 'hello' for a long while. Indeed, it has been two years since my last post on the Wine for Yoga Lovers. You may have wondered where we have been and what happened to us in the past two years. Well, put it simple, I changed job and … Continue reading We are back: Hello from Canberra & Pork Knuckles

Wine for Yoga Lovers

Hi foodies, When you hear the word yoga, what do you normally associate it with? I normally think health, calm, India, etc etc, until I recently came across a wine brand, Wine for Yoga Lovers. Many of you may know that as an ex-wine professional, I don't normally write wines - simply because I know … Continue reading Wine for Yoga Lovers

Festival of Food 2018 – Red Ochre Grill

Hi foodies, I can't believe it is already June and half of 2018 has nearly gone! 😦 A couple of weeks back was the National Reconciliation Week. Did you participate in any events? I went to some to learn more about the Aboriginal and Torrens Island cultures and see how our nation is united. On … Continue reading Festival of Food 2018 – Red Ochre Grill