My favourite dishes @ Canberra Times Night Noodle Market 2022 – Series Part 2

Hi foodies,

Happy mid-week! How’s your week going? I am travelling fine and this week there has been good achievement. This is our second article in the Canberra Times Night Noodle Market on the overall experience in the market.

With only three days left for the market, if you have not been to the market, I recommend you to run quicker. Run? Yes run, not walk because you are missing out on some fancy treats at the market this year.

Some of my long term readers may remember when I was in Adelaide, we covered the 2015 Night Noodle Market when it came to South Australia for the first time. Even today I could still remember the excitement Adelaide had.

On Sunday, after publishing the Part 1 of the Night Noodle Market on Mr. Miyagi, I received an email from a reader asking what-else are good to order at the market as there are so many choices. Hence this article will show you some of my favourite dishes at the Night Noodle Market.

Back onto the 2022 Canberra Market, a wide array of business are featured in the market. From local legends such as SuperBao and KorBQ, to the all time favourite Hoy Pinoy, the market has something for every tastebuds.

To help reduce face-to-face orders, market-goes can order food via Mr Yum as we did. Once the order is ready, you will receive a text message for pickup. And yet the best part – skip the queue.

Below are some of the stalls and dishes worth ordering.

Hoy Pinoy

Hoy Pinoy, the Melbourne Filipino BBQ, is arguably the most famous brand at the market. Whenever when they are on duty with the fire and smoke on, one knows where to go. Juicy pork and chicken pieces were grilled over charcoal to perfection and every bite was a pleasure to enjoy. Their pork belly sticks are second-to-none. A must order!

Inihaw Na Baboy – pork belly stick, $15 (2 pieces)

Another must order @ Hoy Pinoy is their Lechon ($12). Boneless Hoy Pinoy style pork middle parts were roasted over charcoal to perfection and were served on steamed rice & Sawsawan. The best part of this dish is the pork crackling and the rice. Crispy, crunchy and super tasty crackling combined really great with the plain but yet delicious rice. What a combination! You won’t get much of these in Canberra.

Lechon, $21


The market also caters for seafood lovers. Calabang, a Sydney joint, offers long stick potato fries as well as their signature calamari on the stick. The crispy deep-fried calamari was so crunchy and tasty and each bite leaves the decent flavour of calamari on the palate. People can choose different spices to go with it, making the dish even tastier. Highly recommended.

Crispy Calamari, $25

Shallot Thai – Shallot Thai from Victoria is an interesting find at the market. They offer something quite different to the rest of the market stalls with rice and noodles and can easily satisfy a hungry belly. Recommended is their crackling pork noodle with chunky pieces of roast pork. Very tasty!

Super Bao

While at the market, why not try some local favorites? Super Bao brought their Baos over. Three of them costs $22. I chose the crackling pork, tempura prawn and southern fried chicken baos. They are absolutely delicious!

Super Bao – Tri of Bao, $22


The other local legend at the market is KorBQ, based in Belconnen. This year the Korean BBQ restaurant brought over their famous Korean style deep fried chicken. There are different flavours one can order as well. Recommend their chilli sauce version – juicy pieces of chicken were deep fried to perfection while chilli sauces were coated on the outside. You will continue to bite until you drop 🙂

Deep-fried chicken, $16.8

So foodies, the above are our recommendations for tasting at the market. What is your preference? Let us know below.

With only 3 days left for the Canberra Times Night Noodle Market, if you have not been there yet in 2022, do run, not walk.

Until the next post, have a love foodies weekend!


Canberra Times Night Noodle Market

Parkes Place West Lawns

Canberra ACT 2600


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