Grill by Canberra Gourmet – Your Premium Takeaway during Canberra lockdown

Hey Foodies,

I am sure we are all experiencing it – yes Canberra is in its latest lockdown. To the current speed of vaccination, I am sure we will be able to get to the other end together.

During lockdown, our lives are pretty routine. Except buying groceries, I hardly step outside my courtyard. However, locking down does not mean no good food or good wine. By the way, they are good for your mental health right? 🙂

Many restaurants or cafes started their takeaway joint since the start of the lockdown. Table by Canberra Gourmet in Wanniassa who I wrote and raved about previously is now open as Grill by Canberra Gourmet takeaway.

Tina and I had the pleasure to savour some of their offerings lately and I can be sure that your take away food will not likely be any fresher or more premium than this!

Serving freshly char-grilled Filipino inspired barbecue and other delicious dishes, the Grill by Canberra Gourmet has a bustling takeaway menu that would impress any foodies to experience this venue, different to many of the Canberran takeaway offerings.

Takeaway Menu @ Grill by Canberra Gourmet

We had the takeaway for a dinner setting on a Thursday. It was a nicely prepared 3 course dinner for two people, served real hot and fresh. The really impressive thing for me was that the hot dishes were still hot after arriving home from Wanniassa, a good 30 km drive.

The three courses we had include:

Entree: Tuna Ceviche Kilawin

Main: Grilled platter

Side: Pancit Bihon Stir Fried noodles

Tuna Ceviche Kilawin $15

Tuna Ceviche Kilawin, $15.

What is Kilawin? Kilawin is a raw seafood dish and preparation method native to the Philippines, sometimes referred to as the Filipino ceviche. I must say this is a very good creation, though I have not been to Philippine before. The fresh tuna was ‘cooked’ precisely and accurately by acidic ingredients and gave a rather smooth yet fresh flavour. It was not so sharp on the palate but the minute I combined with the other ingredients such as the chilli and onion, the flavours were immediately running marathon to stimulate my palate. Not to mention the addition of the capsicum was a highlight, neutralising the flavours with slides of sweetness and crunchy juicy flesh. A must have!

Grill Platter

Grill Platter. Although I call this the grill platter, this was actually a combination of three dishes, including:

  • Grilled 16 hours braised short rib, $25;
  • Grilled Chicken Inasal Maryland, $10; and
  • Grilled U10 Tiger Prawns BBQ sauce marinated cooked on Japanese grill, $6 each.

I must admit, when I opened the takeaway box for the platter, the fragrant smell prompted straight into my nose while the whole house was full of the fascinating Filipino grill charred flavour. Even thinking about it now, I am still craving for more of these dishes!

Grilled Tiger Prawns, $6 each (left). When I had this dish, Tina has a good comment about the fresh prawn. ‘Thomas is really keeping up his standard. The prawns are so fresh!’. Yep, the prawns were super fresh that one can taste and smell it. Although covered under the charred flavour, the seafood freshness. Every bite on the prawns were an enjoyable experience with the grilled seafood sweetness entering into the mouth and staying there for a long time while the BBQ sauce really immersed into the prawn meat. Recommended.

Grilled 16 hours braised short ribs, $25 (centre). This was the highlight of all dishes on the night. The spare ribs were deboned and were cooked to perfection. The most amazing part of the experience of these short ribs was that they literally melt in the mouth after each bite. No chew was needed as they became liquid immediately enters the mouth. The inside of the ribs were still red but the outside was charred really well. The hints of Fillipino flavour can be identified in every bite. The peanuts topping were great additions and improved the crunchiness of the dish. This is a must must try – you will believe me 🙂 Highly recommended!

Grilled chicken inasal maryland, $10 (right). Imagine a giant Chicken Maryland in front of you cooked to the juiciest possible level and yet subtle flavours on the palate? This is that dish! This Maryland was huge and cooked to perfection. The meat has captured loads of juices within as my first bite spread the juice around big time. At this moment of writing it, I can still think about the juicy big meat. Good!

Pancit Bihon Stir Fried noodles

Pancit Bihon Stir Fried Noodles, $12

For the purpose of presentation, I only placed half of the dish. The rest of the dish was about similar amount. This dish is really good for value. Taste-wise, it was quite fillipino flavour. Slightly salty taste immersed in the meat and vegetables gave a true experience.

So foodies, if you are in Canberra and are looking for some premium treat during the lockdown, why not try the Grill by Canberra Gourmet?

Until the next post, have a great time and be resilient during the lockdown.



Grill by Canberra Gourmet

2/65 Sternberg Cres

Wanniassa ACT 2903

Use their website to order

Table by Canberra Gourmet


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