Plumrose – New Veggie Range

Dear foodies,

How was you March? A quarter of the year has slipped away and we are nearly at the welcoming stage of another Easter. Did you realise hot cross buns have been on shelves since December 2020 :D?

Recently I had the pleasure to sneak peek Plumrose’s new vegetarian range which really surprised me.

Plumrose is a premium canned meat producer, focusing on using real high quality meat for their products. I have been enjoying their products since my bachelor time. The good thing about their products is that they are so versatile so they can be added to any dish and make a full complement to other ingredients.

Some of my loved products include their Leg Ham, Spiced Ham and Hot dogs. You can find it in the major supermarkets where the canned meat section is.

Picture: Plumrose Australia – Products

Some of my creations using products from Plumrose can be found on my instagram. Here is one example using the spiced ham and created an Asian style bread.

Wait a minute, someone asked. Aren’t you talking about their veggie ranges? Oh, yes I will. When I was told about their veggie products, I was like ‘what? Veggie products from Plumrose?’. However, I was soon proved to be over surprised. Yep, Plumrose in February 2021 has introduced their new veggie range. The range has two products, Vegetarian Hot Dog and Vegetarian Meat Balls.

Kimbap (or Gimbap) – Korean dried seaweed rice roll

Ever wondered what a veggie hot dog may taste like? I was the same. So, on the day the products arrived, I dig into them immediately and made the Kimbap. Kimbap is a traditional Korean dish, similar to sushi but has more meat than fish. In traditional ways, Koreans add beef, sausage or pork into the seaweed rolls. The good thing about Kimbap is that there are plenty of fresh vegetables in them.

How did I go with the veggie hot dog? Fantastic! The Plumrose veggie hot dog tasted like real meat in the flavour and the texture. Having it in the Kimbap really highlights vegetarian food – healthy, flavourful and plenty of enjoyable moments between the loved ones!

Recently I have made another one – Chinese buns – using the Plumrose veggie hot dog. The product was blended with home grown organic garlic shoots and free range egg and then made into buns. Again the veggie hot dog showcased its exceptional versatile ability to complement multicultural dishes and made a really good vegetarian night. For a meat animal like me, this is a surprising achievement :).

The Plumrose veggie range is available through Coles Supermarkets at $6.00 for the Vegetarian Hot Dog and $5.00 for the Vegetarian Meat Balls.

Wanna try them out? Why not head to Coles and get a pack or two?

Disclaimer: The Plumrose vegetarian range products are provided to us for review. All opinions and receipes are our own.

For the next post, let us visit a local fresh produce market here in the ACT and see what it has to offer.

Until then, have a nice time.



One thought on “Plumrose – New Veggie Range

  1. I walked past them the other day and thought the same haha. Thanks for doing the taste test for me. Now I am confident to grab some of these next time I go to town.


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