Zeus Street Greek, Canberra

Hi Foodies,

I hope you all had a fantastic week. 🙂 Summer is really getting close to us in Canberra, so nights out become more regular. Just be reminded to be COVIDSafe when you are out there.

A Thursday night earlier in the year saw a friend and I went out for dinning in one of the cheap but delicious place in town, Zeus Street Greek Canberra City.

Zeus Street Greek was opened by a previous Director of Crust Pizza which I previously wrote about – yes some 8 years ago, not feeling a long time though. Zeus Street Greek adopts simple food philosophies – share their favourite family recipes, serve joy to all who walk through their doors and make their food feel like home.

The eatery, soon after it opened, became a chain business covering areas across the Sydney region. It opened its door in Canberra in 2017 (I have not relocated to Canberra then …)

The internal decor is quite modern Greek style where simplicity shines and the blue chair made my night to be honest. They give a ‘holiday’ feeling – Looking at the photos now again, it is especially important as we cannot travel internationally at the moment.

Self-service is a good concept of the venue where you get your own water and cutlery etc. I know some people wants so called ‘service’ but I do like the concept of self-serving – a big boy’s curiosity I guess.

The eco-friendly cutleries have become norms in many venues these days. It was good to see the chain shows their respect to the environment as well. Another ticking point for me.

For two of us, we ordered their tasting set menu which had pita, calamari, lamb, greens and rice. Food-wise, I think it is good for a casual dinner. The dishes were definitely tasty though not something I could really wow for on an overall scale. I picked the below two dishes for a detailed taste test.

I should admit the calamari tasted quite good. The squid was deep fried to perfection, crispy and slightly salty. Then serving with the house mayo makes them extra flavourful. I know Greeks are good at calamari so here you go.

The lamb is another highlight of the night. The chunky lamb leg pieces were spicy enough to complement the rice and other falvours of the night. The meat was sofe and tender and made us to continue bite them throughout the night.

Beer, wine and some laughters, whatelse is more enjoyable and relaxing for a Thrusday night. Service at the venue is great, friendly and attentive. The waitress who serviced us was professional and went out of her way to help us separate the bills. The food altogether cost $45 – I can’t remember the drink now.

Do I recommend this venue? For a casual dining that is cheap and tasty, yes.

Zeus Street Greek Canberra

S7, 21 Genge Street, Canberra City, ACT 2600

Ph: 02 8315 5678

Zeus Street Greek - Drummoyne



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