Supabarn Kingston – Your Premium Local Farmer’s Market

Hi foodies,

Where do you go shopping for premium local produce in Canberra? One of my favourite location is Supabarn in Casey Market Town.

Did you know Supabarn has opened a shop in Kingston in 2020? We recently discovered this as well. In this post, let me take you on a culinary food produce tour in this famtastic premium spot.

After shopping there on a lazy Saturday arvo, this farmers market has soon become my new favourite. It is close to home – Nice!

Eyre St. Market Kingston

Supabarn is a local family owned & operated supermarket chain. They focus on providing fresh produce from the farm to the store in the shortest possible time. They don’t warehouse fresh produce but get it delivered to the store on the same day.

Supabarn Kingston is the latest addition to the chain alongside with Casey and Crace stores. It is suited within the Eyre St Market complex directly opposite the Kingaton shops.

The Kingston store’s setting is pretty much similar to other Supabarn stores. The store has a large selection of breads and other bakery items freshly baked in store on the day.

Home kitchen
Home Kitchen

The home kitchen is an interesting thinking and concept with dishes on offer and you can buy a freshly baked pizza here as well. Oh not to mention the beautiful selection gelato – makinh me missing Adelaide …..

Another thing I quite liked was the section title …. Did you see the BIRD πŸ˜ƒ Good philosophy to call the Poultry section a BIRD section πŸ˜„

Fruits and vegetables

Speaking of freshness, the vegetables and fruits are indeed super fresh. Not only that they are fresh but also taste much better than your normal market or supermarket buys.

Use the Byron Bay Hinterland Blueberry as an example. This is the best blueberries I bought ever. Not one of…. It tasted not only sweet but with plenty of flavours! Get these ones while they are in season.

There are large selections of premium meat and seafoods. With produce coming from places all around NSW and the ACT, thir price tags are not that high considering their quality. For example, I got a kilo of salmon for $24.99 – you won’t see this price anywhere else in Canberra….

Not to mention there is a section of dry aged beef. I wasn’t able to see the prices but on my list to tick off.

What about liquor? I heard you asking. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the section but I would use the terms ‘huge’ and ‘super premium’. Not only that they got theblocal wines and lots of SA wines (a bonus πŸ˜‰) but also there is a superpremium museum wine cellar that you can get what you can imagin for!

The most interesting and fun things of the store are those self serve machines. Whether you are after a good freshly ground coffee, nut butter or even freshly pressed organge juice, they got you covered – and do it yourself ☺️

Fresh Ground Coffee
Fresh Nut Butter
Fresh Organge Juice
Do it yourself pineapple machine

If you need your coffee fix during your shopping trip, you can also access their free coffee machine from Cafe Aurora. You can get a variety of coffee including hot chocolate. By the way, their hot chocolate is pretty good…..

The overall experience at Supabarn Kingston was exceptional and we will be a regular from now.

If you are in Canberra or if you are going coming to Canberra for a visit, why not pop into Supabarn Kingston to experience the fresh and premium local produce?

Supabarn Kingston is located in the Eyre St Market centre on 34-38 Eyre Street, Kingston. Open 7 days, 7am to 10pm.

Supabarn Kingston 34-38 Eyre St, Kingston ACT 2604 (02) 6185 3236


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  1. Thanks for giving us such a thorough review. We live in Casey and always enjoyed visiting the one in the Market Town. Will give this one a go.

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