Wine for Yoga Lovers

Hi foodies,

When you hear the word yoga, what do you normally associate it with? I normally think health, calm, India, etc etc, until I recently came across a wine brand, Wine for Yoga Lovers.

Many of you may know that as an ex-wine professional, I don’t normally write wines – simply because I know them too well and I want the blog to concentrate on food. However, when I came across this brand, I cannot hold my curiosity – What would the wines for yoga lovers like?


The brand is a collaboration between South Australian wine grape growers, CMV Farms and Last Lemon. This is indeed an interesting combination. Last Lemon is a creative studio and is famous for the little cartoon they created. The influence of last lemon is clearly visualised for the cute cartoon doing yoga with a bottle of the wines, displayed both on the box I received and also on every bottle! How lovely!

CMV Farms, on the other hand, is a part of the CMV Group and has 35% of its business focusing on grape growing. They contract their grape growers mainly in South Australia’s very own  Langhorne Creek where the family-owned business CMV Group initiated in the 1930s.


So here you go, a local wine brand with creatively designed labels. How did the wines go? I hear you ask.

Before I go into the details of the wines, I think it is important to understand what’s on offer. The brand mainly uses its website for orders. It offers eight wine varieties, including Sav. Blanc, Pinot Gris, Can. Sauv., Chardonnay, Moscato, Sangiovese Rose, Shiraz and Grenache Shiraz. The prices are in the range of $12-$16. The order is easily done on their website and customers can choose to go with single variety 3, 6 or 12 packs or they may choose to build their own.



On to the tastes, the wines are fantastically fresh and is easy on the palate. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as a fun get-together or a dinner wine to go with foods. Tina do yoga quite actively and she indeed enjoyed the wines after a sweating session. Wine for Yoga Lovers? Brilliant!

For this Shiraz, for example, it is ready to be consumed. The spiciness on the palate is a pleasure to enjoy and it clearly showed dark fruit characteristics. After each sip, the flavour and the tannin stayed on the palate for a long time giving great aftertaste. I enjoyed a glass of this with braised lamb and beef sashimi previously – absolutely a good complement to improve the flavour of these dishes!


The Sauv. Blanc, on the other hand, is quite fresh and young with a good balance between acidity and alcoholic bitterness. It is fruity on the palate, mainly showcasing the flavours of melon and kiwi fruit and goes well with white fish dishes – I enjoyed it with a grilled snapper and it flushed down quite well and provided extra flavours!


Do you see the wine glasses? I mean cups. At the moment, for every order, customers can get two crushable cups. It is fun to play with. Don’t feel too full though – I spelt some on my first trial 🙂 If you’d like to know more about the crushable cups, check this post out.

Cab. Sauv. is my favourite variety and this bottle did not disappoint me. Full body and easy on the palate, the wine exhibited spiciness as well as fruitiness such as plum flavour. Rich and beautiful on the palate, try to pair it with a red meat dish such as grilled beef, it is just so relaxing after a hectic day!


I will leave my favourite to the last :). The sangiovese rose is such a beauty! It is so fresh and vibrant and showed great fruit, strawberry to be exact, flavour on the palate as well as a hint of acidity. The creaminess left on the palate is very pleasant and gave the drinker a fantastic memory of what has gone down and made me to sip one after another to crave for more!

The wine is of a pale pinkish colour which the camera did not show well so I took another one with my phone. I thought about what dish to pair with this wine since it is quite young, vibrant and fruity. I finally chose the coca-cola braised chicken wing to go with it. The sticky and sweet wings and the wine went really well and complemented each other. Recommended.


I also tried to pair it up with a Southern Taiwanese style Zongzi, rice triangle with braised pork belly, salted egg yolk, mushroom and dried scallop. It worked as good as the wings, adding extra flavour to the dish.


So readers, if you are looking for good quality young and fresh wines for your day-to-day consumption or for entertaining friends at a party, I recommend you to try some wines from Wine for Yoga Lovers. At the end of the day, I am sure you will enjoy them regardless whether you are a yoga lover or not! 😀 Enjoy.



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