Kytons Bakery – Easter Hot Cross Buns

Hi foodies,

Where do you buy hot cross buns for Easter?! You know I am a big fan of going South Australia produce for everything as a first preference. And I did find a 80-year old South Australian bakery which still bakes half a million hot cross buns nowadays. Yes you have it right. This is Kytons Bakery!


Kytons Bakery started in 1938 as a bakehouse to supply the owner’s cafe and has become SA’s most recognised food brand. The business is actively involved in community fund raising events and is part of many people’s childhood memories. With the 2018 Easter approaching very fast, Kyton Bakery is still busy to bake its famous hot cross buns, in three flavours, including traditional, fruitless and the ever-popular FruChocs.


Fruitless hot cross bun (6 pack)

One would think the fruitless hot cross buns are just plain buns. I thought the same until I had my first bite. OMG! The flavour was absolutely top notch! The bun was soft and one can easily experience the cinnamon and spices within. I later tried to put it on a sandwich press and served with butter and prosciutto too. Absolutely divine!


Traditional Hot Cross Buns (6 Pack)

These traditional hot cross buns are super fantastic! The richness of the fruits has made each bite such a pleasant experience. The blueberries, the sultanas and other natural goodness really made my day! If you do the sandwich press, it is a much better experience than enjoying a rich fruit toast with a bite size to fit all appetite! Recommended!


FruChoc Hot Cross Buns (8 Packs)

This hybrid between FruChoc chocolates and Kytons hot cross buns is a good creation. At my place, Tina and I both love FruChoc. The idea of combining FruChoc and hot cross buns is really working well. I was fulfilled with chocolate and other spiciness from these buns with every bite and this is the only type I did not put on my sandwich press. The richness of the chocolate melt the rest the flavours onto the palate, leaving such a beautiful fragrance! My pick!

So dear readers, tell me where do you get your favourite hot cross buns in Adelaide? If you want to experience the Kytons ones, rush to their website to order and try yourself! Heh, only 3 more days to Easter, better be quick!


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