Azamara Journey – Champagne and Caviar Tasting

Dear foodies,

Have you done a cruise before? If so, what’s your most unforgettable experience on a ship?

The reason why I am asking this is because today Tina and I went for a fantastic tour and a champagne & caviar tasting session on a boutique luxury cruise ship with Azamara Club Cruises and can’t wait to share with you my experience!


On 02 February 2018, one of the Azamara Club Cruises’ newest line of ship, Azamara Journey, made its its historic maiden visit to Kangaroo Island, followed by Adelaide on 03 February. The ship’s visit has brought 690 guests from 17 countries to South Australia and is projected to inject $250000 into the state. The ship is much smaller than the well-known Royal Caribbean but can also go to locations that are not often visited by large ships.


Our visit to the ship focused on champagne and caviar tasting but before we get started, we received an informative guided tour which gave a lot of background and insight of the ship!



The ship features internet, a “Spirits” martini bar, a casino and various shopping stores and pools. The dinning room “Discoveries’, the buffet restaurant “Windows” and the outdoor a la carte restaurant “Patio” are the three main restaurants alongside with two specialty venues, “Aqualina” and “Prime C”.

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We were on the ship to experience their world-class champagne, vodka and caviar. I did not expect such great quality ingredients on ship but Tina and I were both amazed with what has been served! Below are some finger-food varieties served on board – fantastic quality and delicious taste.


Here you go – these are the three caviar products and some toasts to accompanying them.


The three caviar we tried are Bowfin, White Sturgen and Kaluga (from left to right – prices increase from $55 to $110). Some of my readers know that we are crazy lovers of caviar and tasted many different types. The quality of these ones are top notch. I enjoyed the Bowfin the most because I love salty and fishy (in good perspective) ones while Tina loved the Kalunga as this one has no other flavour apart from beautiful fragrance! The caviar products are all very juicy and each bite made us wow as the juices literally burst onto the palate! Absolutely love them … The caviar was complemented with toast. The crunchiness worked very well with all of these caviar.



Another way to enjoy the caviar is to have them with condiments such as the ones listed above – shallots, egg white, egg yolk, capers and cream. I tried them on toast with the caviar and absolutely enjoyed them. To make the experience even fancier, try to sip a vodka or champagne while taking the caviar – It is definitely worth to get a good champagne as the fishy flavour of the caviar would be taken away completely, leaving the clean yet delicious taste on palate!



I think most people would be like me to think about the safety of a vessel before boarding them. I did ask the Captain on the safety side of the story. He specified the ship does multiple emergency drills during a month as well as inductions prior to departure at the port. I was very pleased to see the company has taken safety considerations seriously.


To be honest, after this visit, it made me really keen to do a cruise either with this one or Royal Caribbean in the near future. If you are interested on the ship and its journey, jump onto to experience the world class but smaller ship!



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