Spot & Co

Hi Foodies,

If you have followed me on Facebook, you would find that lately we have been to a number of bars. Today is about another experience – Spot & Co.


Spot & Co is a new bar opened two months ago on one of Adelaide’s premium food precincts, Melbourne Street. I really liked the atmosphere of the bar – it was cosy, classic and could bring lots of memories of the good ol’ times.


SPOT & Co provides an enviable Whisky selection, Gins, Tequilas, Rums, Vodkas, Wines from both boutique and familiar brands, plus Craft Beers and Ciders that will complement the bar’s atmosphere. At the end of the bar, you will find a glass cabinet embedded in the wall with a good selection of wines.


While at the bar, I tried to do a black and white photo for staff working in the bar. Isn’t this classic?!


Although the cocktail list of the venue was not broadly vast but the quality of individual ones were pretty good.


On the night when we were there, we were served three cocktails and 3 dishes. The dishes and the cocktails were not served in orders but I tried to pair them up. You may want to try yourself to see if my pairing fits for your palate.



Passiflora ($18) with Oysters

The natural and kilpatrick oysters served are fresh and salty with lovely seafood sweetness. The passiflora has citrus flavour on the palate with hints of passion fruit. This complemented the oysters very well. Try this – have an oyster in your mouth and then a sip of the cocktail – you will be amazed with the flavours!



Scoville Heat ($15) and Empanadas ($16.5 for two)

I love hot chillies but never tried it with cocktails. The Scoville Heat was incredibly hot with the promotion from Gin. However, what was more incredible was the combination of this cocktail with the empanadas, which were made of beef mince and beans. The heat was easily neutralised with the beef and this enhanced the flavour of the empanadas. Good job!


Espresso Martini ($18) with Pizza #2 (BBQ Chicken) ($16.50)

It is always difficult to pair espresso martini because of its rich flavour. However, the bbq chicken pizza did a brilliant job to match the taste of the cocktail and promoted the thick creaminess and coffee flavour on the palate. The onion and chicken fitted well with each other as well. Although BBQ sauce was used but it did not override the espresso flavour. Well done!

Spot & Co is a cosy and cool place to catch up with friends or just for some after work drinks. If you are just after some quick bites with cocktails, try to do the same as shown below – three cocktails and oysters never fail!


PS: was invited as a guest of the venue but all thoughts are genuine as always.

Until the next post, enjoy!



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