Maid for Summer – The Maid Hotel

Hey foodies,

Are you looking for a relaxing and enjoyable place for some yummy dishes and delicious cocktails? The Maid Hotel has just launched their summer menu! This season, the hotel launched some new cocktails alongside a variety of dishes that are of top quality.


The Maid Hotel is located on the corner and intersection of Payneham Road, Magill Road and Botanic Road and offers upscale bistro fare. I was actually amazed by how good the quality is for the dishes, especially taking into consideration it is a pub. However, the chef did win both me and Tina while we were there 🙂


The four cocktails in the above picture from right to left is exactly the same order as shown above. The lattini was my favourite – It is quite intense with coffee flavour and you don’t taste alcohol on the palate initially. The flavours then develop gradually to give layers of complexity. What an enjoyable experience!

I also heard others saying the lemon spice was good too and it tasted like a cheese cake 🙂 Well done!


Onto the dishes, the three which I tried were all very good.


Hendrick’s cured Tasmanian Salmon – I think a picture says many words. The cured salmon was a highlight on the day with strong emphasis on the texture and mouth-feel. The presentation was beautiful and the flavour was even better. Try to imagine that you are biting a butter – yes a tasty butter. The fish’s buttery feeling was a highlight.


Vietnamese Pork Belly – Pork belly is always the king! The flavourful meat plus the crunchy skin literally made me wanting to keep eating until full 😀 The salad flavour was quite complementing to the flavour of the pork too! All the components of the dish complete a full picture for its flavour and I am sure you will not regret on it!


Paroo Kangaroo Fillet – The fillets were so tender! The meat was cooked to perfection and you don’t get any game taste on the palate. The flavoursome fillets were moreish and moist with plenty of juices and pairs well with the Lattini – the bitterness and coffee aroma promoted the flavour a lot!

With this launch in summer menu, there are other newly introduced dishes as well. We did not taste those but they are shown below.




I would definitely to recommend you all to try these dishes. We will be returning to taste other dishes without doubt! Well done, the maid!

Disclaimer: were invited to the venue but all thoughts are our own.

The next post will be about a new product of my favourite pork brand, Murray Valley Pork and a quick and easy recipe, stay tuned!

The Maid and Magpie Hotel

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