Thai Street Food Cooking Class by Terry from Sukhumvit Soi38

How are we foodies?! I guess we are all busy eating around to satisfy our cravings. So do I -busy work, busy cooking and eating. Although life is getting busier, the inner satisfaction about the career, the job and many things have grown significantly. This also reminds me to take a work-life balance whenever possible so life can be a fully ripen flower.

Anyway, I have wanted to write about this post for a long time and I got to share with you one of my recent cooking class experience. Some of you may know that Tina and I haven’t had good experience with cooking class before – some of the chefs are too ‘professional’ out there and they live on cooking class. However, this recent one I went to several weeks back in Central Market Kitchen is really a top notch experience and I did this for a cause – it is to raise money for Hutt Street Centre to help homeless people.


Who run the class? I heard you asking. 🙂

Hint 1: He is one of my favourite chefs in Adelaide.

Still don’t know? Hint 2: He owns a restaurant, a Thai restaurant.

Too many? Hint 3: His Thai restaurant is about street food!

Now you know – Terry from Sukhumvit Soi 38! If you want to learn more about the restaurant and its dishes, check out my previous post on the restaurant.

We learnt four dishes in the class – some for vegetarian, some for meat lovers. Here due to copy right issues, I wouldn’t write about the recipe but I will definitely tell you my personal sensory analysis (too formal? okay, my personal taste then – sounds better? 😀 )


This is chive cake – a very versatile street food in Thailand. Sitting in such a fragrant environment and listen to Terry to talk about this Aunt cooking and selling street food is such an incredible experience. The chive cake exhibits a mild sweetness (surprisingly not too spicy) and the sauce Terry made complemented and promoted the taste of the chive cake, leaving a sweet and hot feeling on the palate! Great!


Thai green curry chicken. Do you want to know how the thai green curry is made? You definitely need to come to this cooking class then. I was surprised, fully, how simple the curry was and yet so fresh with a lot of aroma in the atmosphere! The taste of the dish was right on the mark and leaves no regret for every bite! Well done!


What a simple stir fry!? But the taste is worth a million – the hotness from the chilli, the pork, the noodle and the vegetable. All of these complete a full picture of the dish – a dish that is simple but very tasty – and I am sure you can only have it at one of the street food stall. This is the beauty of Asian street food!


The last dish is a sweet-teeth favourite, donuts. It is deep fried and covered with loads of sweetness. At this point of the cooking class, I was overly full and just had a taste of a couple of these little jewels – wonderful and not too sweet! I warn you now: you will not be able to stop once you start eating these donuts AND they are not made the same way as western donuts. Another perfect example of Thai street food.

The cooking class is $95 per person and the money raised goes to Hutt Street Centre. For four courses, it definitely worth the money you put in plus you learn a lot about the culture, the cooking methods of Thai cuisine and especially street food!

If you want to book for one of the cooking class, you can contact the restaurant (Sukhumvit Soi 38 ) directly.

Next post will be on a recipe of a special type of sushi. Stay tuned!



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