Mrs Q – You know until you try…

Dear foodies,

If you are an Adelaidean, you must agree that our state is the Festival State. However, I think our state is also the FOOD State. Look at the number of restaurants we got (per human capital) and look at our fantastic food produce! Agree?

By saying restaurants, we have recently been invited to a media dinner at MrsQ, a new thai eatery on Gouger street where the good ol’ black cat white cat pub used to be. The site was previously also the famous loft wine bar but the owner has decided to venture in to a new world, thai cuisine – and ….and they have took a thai cuisine star for it, Nu Suandokmai! I came across Nu in 2001 when his Nu’s Thai was a big star on Adelaide’s dinning map 🙂



The eatery kept most of the loft wine bar parts, especially the wine bar which is impressive. The menu at MrsQ is modern thai focused, with dishes accommodating different dietary requirements. I am pretty impressed with the art on the menu – looks quite Asian yet modern.


Coming to the food, it is top notch! The dinner was a tasting menu ranging from meat, veggie to seafood and curry. The entrees of the night included the following dishes (Picture shown in order)

Coffee Duck

Veal and Pork with Betel Leaf

Sweet Corn Chicken Ball

Vegetarian Dumpling

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The dish which I like the most are the coffee duck and veal and pork with betel leaf. Don’t get me wrong as all other dishes are great too. These two were just my personal favourites. The coffee duck was sooooo tasty with flavours complementing each other very well. The texture was fantastic too – the only thing is that I want more! 😀


The leaf wrapped veal and pork gave a different experience. It is quite clean on the palate but all flavours are also there. The meat was quite tender and moist too. 🙂



The four main dishes of the night were:

Banana Heart Curry Pork – Tasty thai curry. We were shown a roll of banana leaf and the heart was just a tiny small bit. The restaurant uses manual way to get the heart out so we quite appreciate the effort they put into the dish. The flavour was awesome too. The chilli, the curry and the rice went perfectly well. I guess I can even a bowl of rice without any meat!



Crispy Barramundi Fillet in Sambal – I tell ya, deep fried dishes never fail. Same with this dish. The Barra fillet was so crispy and the flavours of Asian sauces wrapped over it. Beautiful!



BBQ Chicken – This is non-arguably my favourite dish of the night, partially because it is barbecued so I have no resistance. Yet, the chilli and coriander flavour promoted the charred flavour well. The chicken was quite tender and one can easily finish a dish, leaving a mild hot feeling in the mouth.



Papaya Salad – This is a dish I would order whenever I go to with thai. Cleanse the palate and very flavourful!



We also had a dessert – Sticky rice with Mango. Looks very beautiful hah?! The good part was that it was not very sweet but had plenty of coconut flavour. Love it!



Overall, the night at MrsQ was quite enjoyable with relaxing music and tasty food. To me, it is a great place to catch up with some friends over drink or dinner and is perfect for business dinner or events. I would recommend this place to you all and hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Next post I will show you a cooking class like no others for charity – again Thai cuisine!




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